Oliver Nightingale

    • The Meditator Limited Edition Print


      Ink & watercolour

      ‘The Meditator’ is available in limited-edition prints, 50 black & white editions.

      Dimensions: 512mm x 478mm

      Maker: Oliver Nightingale

    • One Love Limited Edition Print


      Ink, watercolour & reading glasses. One hundred hours of drawing and painting. Thousands of tiny ‘beings’ together as one, connected by touch or gaze.

      Over my first five years of working in the illustration realm, I had been creating in small spaces, encouraged to work within a limited timeframe, and producing quality line work. This process led to the inception of my big heart, conceived while travelling the Californian coast in 2016, an idea that has idled in the back of my mind ever since.

      A1 (594 x 841 mm) Printed on premium ‘Fine-Art Paper’ then signed & numbered, backed by cardboard and sealed in cellophane for protection.

      ‘One Love’ is available in limited-edition prints, one print is made for every hour of the original’s creation, 100 Editions.

      Dimensions: 594mm x 841mm

      Maker: Oliver Nightingale

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