Salt Pig


Jersey clay salt pig. Choice of white or navy glaze.

Maker: Haithwaite Ceramics

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Made from Jersey clay gathered at low tide from the beach at Grouville. These salt pigs are perfect for sitting beside the cooker when seasoning your dishes. Each pot is highly finished in either a white or navy glaze on the inside the tactile Jersey clay exposed on the outside. They are all different and no two are the same.

Maker: Haithwaite Ceramics

Haithwaite Ceramics is a small pottery based in Grouville. Claire Haithwaite, a Jersey girl, makes ceramic limited edition pieces out of Jersey clay. This special clay is gathered at low tide from Grouville bay, it’s then processed so that it can be used to make beautifully finished pots, glazed in crisp white or navy blue on the inside leaving the tactile Jersey clay exposed on the outside.


Haithwaite Ceramics


Navy, White

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